Hi! I'm Kaja.

I am the friendly face and voice behind Jack Loves Mary Photography.

Mix one part best friend and one part director with sprinkles of enthusiastic cheerleader, creative eye, sneaky-ninja-fly-on-the-wall documentarian and you will get me, Kaja!

I feel gratitude and inspiration from my career and my clients every single day. From receiving my first camera on my 10th birthday, to my formal education and training, to launching Jack Loves Mary and being welcomed into so many couples’ lives…being a photographer has been a continuous and wonderful journey – one that I hope to make you a part of!

Meet Kamara!

Kamara is the right-hand woman.
She is the queen of the alternate angle, the bouquet holder, the hype-person, the guest wrangler.
She can almost always be found quietly climbing up onto – or under – something, to get that perfect shot.
She will do anything to get a laugh.

Kamara joined Jack Loves Mary in 2015 and has been lending her contagious positivity and talents ever since.

Fun Facts!

Kaja . . .

Received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ryerson University, majoring in Photography Studies.

Has photographed weddings in six different countries (and counting!)

Can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and never tire of it.

Lives with her husband, Jesse and calico cat, Kiwi.

Outside of Jack Loves Mary, Kaja is also a fashion and editorial photographer, who loves working with people and telling the stories of interesting folk the world over.

Kaja is an Applied Arts Award winner whose work has been published in Maclean’s Magazine, Flare Magazine, Whim Magazine, COCO Indie, Flanelle, The Ottawa Sun and Ottawa Citizen Style, to name a few.

Kamara . . . 

Received her diploma from Algonquin College’s Photography Program.

Photographed her first wedding when she was just 16 years old.

Loves music and is the queen of making epic playlists for any occasion.

Would choose dessert over dinner every day of the week.

Outside of Jack Loves Mary, Kamara is also a fabulous portrait and live music photographer.  You can spot her at the front of most concerts and festivals in Ottawa, busting a move with camera in hand.

Kamara’s work has been published in The Globe and Mail, Ottawa Life Magazine, Exclaim!, Metro and The National Observer, among others.