Inspired by the timeless love my Grandfather Jack has for my late Grandmother Mary, I ventured 
Jack Loves Mary Photography.

 Hi! I'm Kaja. [Ky-ya] The friendly face behind Jack Loves Mary Photography.

Upbeat, some might even say funny - it is not uncommon that I have been welcomed as a new friend of the family by my clients. On the other hand, when I need to be, I am reserved and documentarian. I am the fly-on-the-wall that will capture those natural and unique moments you might not have even been aware occurred. The importance of a great photograph that is capable of capturing life's truly special days and moments has never been lost on me. I am privileged to share these milestones in your life and it means so much to me to document them. I absolutely love what I do!
My approach is honesty; I believe that my images are unique because my clients are unique. Simple as that!

Jack Loves Mary is an award-winning company, and has also had the pleasure of being featured in the following publications:

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