We think having all of the people whom you hold dear under one roof (or tent, or sky) is a beautiful thing.

Throw the "Rules" Out the Window

Planning an intimate ceremony at the cottage? Or is exchanging vows under a tropical palm tree more your style? Maybe you’d like a cocktail party at your favourite restaurant? Or perhaps a huge formal affair in the heart of the city? We believe whatever way you choose to marry, is the perfect way to marry.
We have photographed weddings in backyards, and weddings in Cathedrals (not to mention art-galleries, vineyards and even living-rooms). Whatever you have planned for your big day, we promise your wedding photos will be as beautiful and as personalized as your wedding itself.

If you want photos of your wedding day that have meaning, photos that are uniquely beautiful, photos that reflect all of the emotions of real moments, then let’s talk.

We are fortunate to be an award-winning photography team, featured in the following publications:

Ottawa Wedding Awards – Best Micro Wedding Photo 2020

Ottawa Wedding Awards – Best Scenic Portrait 2017

Ottawa Wedding Awards – Best Live Moment 2017

Ottawa Wedding Awards – Best Couple Portrait 2016

Ottawa Wedding Awards – Wedding of the Year 2015

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Ottawa Wedding Magazine

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